Obtain Application name associated with client access token

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I’m writing some code to manage our Webhook subscriptions and would like to be able to indicate which Dwolla Application I’m interacting with. Calling RootApi.root() gives me the links for events and webhooks subscriptions; I was hoping this would give me some information about the application but it does not.

Question: How can I obtain the name and/or id of the Dwolla application I am currently interacting with via the API using a client access token (which is application specific)?

  • I’m using requests to obtain the oauth token since, from what I could find, this is not possible via the python swagger client
  • Once I obtain the oauth token, I initialize a python swagger client. This seems to work fine. I am able to list and create webhooks.

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@bnjmn, The “Root”(https://api.dwolla.com/) of the API is intended to serve as the entry point of the API telling your application which resources are available to discover based on the current OAuth context.

API v2 currently doesn’t provide back additional information on the application itself when calling the API with an application access token. We could consider returning the application name, however would it provide value seeing that none of this information is used later when interacting with the API?

The python swagger client currently doesn’t contain support for OAuth, however we just released a new python v2 client which will eventually replace the existing swagger client. Check it out here: https://github.com/Dwolla/dwolla-v2-python

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