October 2019 Updates - Introducing Partner Integrations

In September we launched the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem which includes building partnerships to support Dwolla clients with complimentary solutions that extend the Dwolla platform. In this launch, we featured two different types of partnerships which included Systems Integrators (e.g. WeWriteCode) and Referrals (e.g. CurrencyCloud and Transfermate). This month we’re featuring the Integration Partner Program, one of four programs offered in the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, which enables more seamless technical integrations between Dwolla, the partner and their mutual clients. Integration Partners clear the path for new payment modalities and more flexible funds movement.

We’re excited to continue to grow the Dwolla Platform through powerful partnerships that introduce unique ways to connect Dwolla clients to third party services or applications like never before. In addition to introducing Integration Partnerships, we’ve continued to enhance the platform for existing clients with a variety of feature enhancements.

Check out our updates from the Month of October:

Webhooks filtering

Webhooks can now be filtered by date range, allowing clients to narrow down webhook event logs to more easily find the specific ones they might be looking for. This filtering capability is available in the Dwolla Dashboard and in the API.

Mass Payments Clearing Object

Clients can now specify transfer processing times within a Mass Payment. Historically mass payment transfer speed was dependent on client setting with no ability to control at the individual mass payment level. With this new addition, clients can now specify normal or expedited transfer time frames (e.g. Same Day ACH) for mass payments in accordance to their business needs.

Customer Identity Program (CIP) Bypass

For clients with advanced KYC programs, we now offer the ability to certify a program with Dwolla’s Risk & Compliance department to bypass Dwolla’s internal verification program. This provides the client with the ability to more directly manage the end to end onboarding experience for their end users.

Tech Topics:

Partner Integrations

Slack Integration

  • Businesses can toggle the Dwolla Slack integration within the Dwolla Dashboard to receive Slack notifications for events such as a failed ACH transfer, negative balance or deactivated customer account. Learn more about the integration here.

Quickbooks Integration

  • Use an OAuth flow to authorize this integration from the Dwolla Dashboard and gain limited access to customer data. Send data from Dwolla’s ACH payment API to QuickBooks—creating a streamlined reconciliation process. Learn more about the integration here.

Password Hashing

  • Explains why proper implementation of authenticator storage is necessary to protect both identities and data.

Build an integration

If you’re interested in learning more about the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, or how to become a featured Integration Partner, reach out to our team here.