Off-site (offsite) gateway ... not in v2 API

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I quote:

“Off-site gateway is not currently supported in the v2 API. Your application must continue to leverage v1 until further notice.”

NOOOOOOOOO! :interrobang:

Our clients have Dwolla accounts. We send them to Dwolla to make payment. Upon payment, we receive back the following. In V2, what changes would we need to make so that after our client pays we get back payment info. We’ve been grabbing that and entering it into a database to keep track of their payments (for an annual summer camp).

? signature=[the signature]
& orderId=nnnn
& amount=[amount in currency format without symbol]
& checkoutId= [ a really long string ]
& status=Completed
& clearingDate = 2017-02-01T19:49:27.080Z
& transaction= [ very long numeric value ]
& destinationTransaction= [ very long numeric value ]
& postback=success

Hillsborough County Public Schools
ESSP Summer program

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