Offsite-gateway: status=Completed vs payment Status is Initiated

(Karin Powell) #1

IN the following “SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION” data received back (Offsite Gateway’s redirect return) from Dwolla after payment is made through payment window, the status=Completed is somewhat misleading because it is not the PAYMENT status… in other words at this point the payment has been INITIATED not COMPLETED. Would it be do-able to add the “initiated” value to this which you send?
For example, could we have:

? signature=[secret sig]
& orderId=[from your cart]
& amount=[some amount]
& checkoutId=[really long string]
& status=Completed
& clearingDate=2017-02-01T19:49:27.080Z
& transaction=[sender transaction id]
& destinationTransaction=[recipient transaction id]
& postback=success

:heart_decoration: Thank you ever so much!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Apologies for the confusion on the naming of this parameter. I definitely agree that this parameter could’ve been named better to reflect its actual meaning. Upon redirect from Dwolla’s Off-site gateway we’ll return a status which indicates whether or not the gateway checkout session completed successfully, or if it failed. Possible values are: Completed, and Failed. If the value is completed then there should be a transaction id assigned, which indicates that a payment was created and initiated. We will keep this feedback into consideration if we look to implement our Off-site payment gateway in our latest v2 API.