Only accept real-time payments

(Adam Esterle) #1

If this is enabled and I try to transfer to them via the API with a bank funding source, it throws an error.

  1. The error is generic (invalid url or something like that). Is there a way to get a more specific error like “This user has Only accept real-time payments turned on”?

  2. Is there an API endpoint to get the status of that and toggle it? Like the auto-withdraw one?

(Jared Dellitt) #2

Hey @AdamEsterle. I’m assuming you’re using API V2?

V1 allows you to pass a destination ID when fetching funding sources, which will only return those that the destination accepts. If the recipient doesn’t accept bank transfers, the non-realtime banks do not show up in the list.

Is this what you’re looking for? If so, I’ll make sure to pass the feedback along to our product team as something to look at for V2.

(Adam Esterle) #3

Yeah that would be great!
Yes, I am using V2.

The main reason is because the send money API requires a PIN in V1 which seems a little redundant when the user is already OAuth’ed.
Any way to get around that?

What are the ETAs for when V1 will be fully replaced by V2?

(Jared Dellitt) #4

Gotcha. We don’t currently have an ETA for a full replacement and I’m sure there’ll be certain features that never make it to V2. That being said, we’re constantly evaluating what makes sense to move over and we’ll definitely have a conversation about this one soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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