P2P money transfer via API

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I want to make sure that we are using Dwolla in a correct way for our application. The main idea of it is that users can send tips to each other for valuable information. We do not want to enforce users create their account directrly in Dwolla and want to operate with every transfer/withdraw from the app only

Please, correct me if I’m wrong with my statements:

  1. We need to have a single account in Dwolla and will create Customer in Dwolla for every user, am I correct?
  2. We will use IAV with dwolla.js. Is it possible to customize view appearance?
  3. When user (let’s call him Bob) send money to other user (let’s call her Alice), one of them must be verified (Bob or Alice)?
  4. Once Alice wants to withdraw money he got from Bob or other users she must verify it’s customer record in Dwolla with SSN, phone number, address, etc?
  5. Will we be able to request a withdrawal process for Alice from the app with Dwolla API? We want to make it manual and avoid any automatic withdrawals

Could somebody let me know if I’m wrong in my statements?


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Hey @alex4Zero, You mention resources/tools only available for white label integrations so I am assuming you’re wanting to leverage white label Customers vs. Dwolla accounts on your platform.

Correct. A Dwolla user account creates and manages white label Customers via a user account OAuth access_token that contains the ManageCustomers scope.

Yes. We provide a list of CSS classes that can be customized when using IAV within dwolla.js. A list of these classes are shown on this page, and a demo of what these may look like within your app can be found here.

Correct. At least one party in a transaction must be CIP verified requiring additional identity vetting (ssn, dob, address, etc.) You can choose to make all of your users verified Customers within Dwolla or only have one party in the transaction be a verified Customer and the other create an unverified Customer. Customer types are briefly described in our docs here or in our resource article here.

Assuming Alice created her Customer account as “unverified” then these account types do not have a ‘balance’ funding source where funds can land when someone sends them money. In this case, money would be sent to the bank account that Alice has attached to her Customer account within Dwolla. If you’re having all of your users create verified Customers then Alice would need to complete the additional identity verification when setting up her account.

Yes. If Alice is a verified Customer then she can manually trigger to move her funds from her balance to an attached bank. You’ll call our transfers API to move the money.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can clarify any of the above responses.

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Hi Spencer,

Thank you for replies, that was very helpful.

Regarding question number 3 about verified customers. Can we implement it a bit different way:

  • Bob send money not to Alice but to our Dwolla Account (which is verified of course)
  • Once Alice decide click ‘Withdraw’ button inside our application we transfer money from our Dwolla Account to Customer Alice and initiate withdraw for her. I assume that before withdrawal she will verify her account.

The reason of doing this case is avoid extra interaction with customer like provide Address and SSN before sending money. Users will definitely do it but in later stage once they decide to withdraw money as all of users of our application can Send and Receive money from others.

Will it work this way?


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Warning about P2P apps – I have just gotten this from their security / verification team. It looks like P2P is actively unsupported.

Thank you for your response. Following an internal review of your account Dwolla has determined we will not be able to service your Dwolla account. Dwolla is not currently on-boarding new P2P platforms.

We appreciate your interest interest in Dwolla. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is a final decision that has been made by our Security team.

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