Payment Button script not working when wrapped in <code> tag?

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I’m using a landing page builder and trying to embed a couple of Dwolla payment buttons. The builder wraps the button script in <code> tags and I wonder if that is keeping them from working? The buttons will not display, but I can see the full script when I inspect the HTML.

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I’ve been able to get the buttons to display, but they only take the user to the redirect page instead of the payment page. Anyone else struggling with the buttons?

(Clarity Webworks) #3

The buttons are appearing now but getting an error on click. Dwolla support said about the error to make sure there is a call-back parameter like this:


However, in the official docs, the data-callback isn’t listed in the parameters or provided in the sample script at bottom:

Trying this solution now. Will post update.

(Clarity Webworks) #4

Buttons have disappeared again. Doubt that was caused by the addition of the data-callback url.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

@claritywebworks, Do you have an example page where the buttons are placed? One thing to note is that our current buttons are not responsive to the container that they are placed in.

(Clarity Webworks) #6

Could you email me: It’s a client’s unpublished url.

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@claritywebworks, feel free to send me a private message and I can take a closer look. Thanks!

(Clarity Webworks) #8

Thanks, Spencer. Not familiar with the interface here; not obvious how to send a private message. How do you do that?

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@claritywebworks - left click on his avatar and you’ll see this:

Click this:

(Spencer Hunter) #10

@claritywebworks, I believe the issue may be related to incompatibility with Wordpress and the Dwolla payment button. When the button script code is placed into Wordpress sites we’ve seen issues where it’ll overwrite and break the button script code. From your page it looks like you are creating a “simple” payment button. As an alternative to the payment button, I would recommend checking out Dwolla Forms. Forms allows for greater flexibility and also provides a confirmation page. Once the form is created you can either embed the form in the page itself or drop a link into the page where the user will be directed to complete the payment process.

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