Positive Dwolla Balances

@shreya I’m looking for all Dwolla Funding Sources (type: Balance) that have non-zero balances.

Right now, I’m exhaustively iterating through a list of every funding_source_id we’ve got, and recording those that have a positive balance value.


Most of our Dwolla Customers do not retain a balance in their Balance Funding Source.

Is there a way to optimize, and to retrieve only the funding sources with a positive balance?

Hi @Stephen_Donahue - I’m afraid that the way you’re currently retrieving that data is the only way via the API to list all Balance funding-sources with positive balances. There isn’t an endpoint that returns all Balance funding-sources, or the ones with positive balances.

Having said that, if you find that having such functionality in the API would be beneficial, please feel free to let us know! I’d be happy to pass this along as feedback for our Product team!

Would be helpful. thank you for passing it along

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