PostalCode for Controller is mandatory whereas documentation says non-mandatory

I was following the documentation to implement the Dwolla in our application. I came across the business verified customer creation where we require Controller information while creating the customer other than SolePropreitership. However, in the documentation, it is mentioned that the PostalCode for the controller is non-mandatory whereas when I try to create the customer without entering the postal code, I get the error saying that postal code is mandatory. Everything works if I provide the postal code. Just a request to verify this.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @bistasulove, thanks for posting!

To clarify, the postalCode field is optional for Controllers who are non-US persons. If the controller is a US person created by providing an SSN, then the field is required.

Would you be able to confirm if you were seeing the error when creating a controller with a US address and SSN instead of a non-US address and a Passport?

Hey Shreya,

Yes I was creating the business verified customer having controller’s address in US and also I provided SSN. Thanks. This resolves the query I had.

Sounds great! Feel free to let us know if you come across any questions going further!