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(Jon Renaut) #1

I have a Python/Django application using python-dwolla 2.2 and I’m confused on constants.access_token. Is the expected workflow to set this with the current user’s token each time I hit the Dwolla API? Or should I always pass the alternate_token kwarg? Neither of these seems like a great solution, so I think maybe I’m missing something.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@jrenaut, I’d recommend passing the token on a per API request basis by using the alternate_token as shown here. If your app deals with many expiring access tokens that you’re probably storing then this may be the better solution.

(Jon Renaut) #3

Ok, thanks.

Just noting that it’s alternate_token, not alternative_token, for anyone who looks to this for reference.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Whoops, apparently can’t type today. Good catch! Just made the edit :slight_smile:

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