Query regarding transfer amount from one bank account to another bank account

(Mayank Srivastava) #1

Hello Team,

I am developing a APP. We want to directly transfer
amount from one bank account of customer to another bank account of
customer with the help of Dwolla API.

So Can we achieve this functionality via Dwolla ? If yes then please describe the flow?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Mayank_Srivastava, Yes, you can facilitate bank-to-bank transactions between users with the Dwolla API. The first step would be to choose the experience you want for your customers. Dwolla offers two different paths for you to onboard your customers onto the payment platform. If you want to keep Dwolla in the background, choose our Access API. Otherwise, tap into Dwolla’s co-branded OAuth experience with Transfer. Once you choose an approach(white label using our Access API vs. co-branded using Transfer), we can provide best practices and recommendations for your integration.