Questions about Scheduled Payment

(Joe Dev) #1

I have a user that setup a scheduled payment. We store the return ID for the schedule. When I make an attempt to get the schedule, I’m told it is a “Invalid scheduled transaction id.”


  1. I do not have any logs of the user deleting the schedule. Is there any place where I can track API events/logs surrounding a schedule?
  2. Is there any type of callback that takes place when a user deletes a schedule?
  3. If a schedule is deleted, will retrieving the schedule return “Invalid scheduled transaction id.”?

(James Eliason) #2

Hi @jholst, we are taking a look at this right now. There might be a bug here that is not firing off the webhook for the deletion of the scheduled payment. Our guys are taking a look and will post something here as soon as we know more. Thanks!

Product Manager @ Dwolla

(Joe Dev) #3

Thanks James.

Were you able to find anything out? I ran across another schedule ID that returned the same “Invalid scheduled transaction id”.

(Spencer Hunter) #4


We trigger a webhook when the user deletes a scheduled payment that contains only the scheduled payment id in the body. See below.
You mention that you are storing “the return ID for the schedule”. You’ll want to map the ID you retrieve back from the webhook you’ll receive when the user deletes the scheduled payment to the one you have stored.

If the scheduled payment is deleted and you attempt to look up by it’s ID after it’s been deleted then we should return “Invalid scheduled transaction id.”

(Manthan Tripathi) #5

Hi James,
Is there any progress on this?
I am trying to delete a scheduled payment.
It is giving the same error Invalid scheduled transaction id.

(Spencer Hunter) #6

@manthan_itoneclick, Are you getting the Invalid scheduled transaction id response when calling to get your scheduled payment by id after you have deleted the scheduled payment?

(Manthan Tripathi) #7

I am getting the error when I try to delete the scheduled transaction.

(Spencer Hunter) #8

@manthan_itoneclick, Can you provide the Dwolla id for the account you are attempting to delete the scheduled payment on as well as the name of your created application?

(Manthan Tripathi) #9

@spencer, Sorry for late reply.
I have created fresh scenario for you.
My merchant Account is
and Client Account is
Scheduled Transaction id is 45bb5f1c-be4a-4526-bd58-a5b32648a30d

The process I followed is,

  1. Scheduled transaction is created already, and I have saved Id which is returned when the scheduled payment is created successfully
  2. When user click on cancel payment I redirect him to Dwolla redirect URL.
  3. In which, user can login with his credential, and click on Allow.
  4. Then user enters his pin,
  5. With his pin I create access token and make a call to API Delete Schedule Payment
  6. It gives me error: Invalid scheduled transaction id.

(Manthan Tripathi) #10

@spencer Any update?

(Spencer Hunter) #11

@manthan_itoneclick, I am seeing on our end that the scheduled payment was created. Is the Id showing up in your list of scheduled payments?

Can you provide the code you are using when attempting to DELETE a scheduled transaction?

(Manthan Tripathi) #12

@spencer: Following is the code I am using

	$ch = curl_init();
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL,$this->dwolla_url.'/oauth/rest/transactions/scheduled/'.$paymentId.'?pin='.$pin);
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(
			'Content-Type: application/json',
			'Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json',
			'Authorization: Bearer '.$accessToken
	$result = curl_exec($ch);

Where $paymentId is ‘45bb5f1c-be4a-4526-bd58-a5b32648a30d’ in our case.
P.S. $this->dwolla_url is Perfect.

(Joe Dev) #13

Having this issue again. It’s like users setup a schedule, then report that their payment was not made on the scheduled date. I go to research by doing oauth/rest/transactions/scheduled/[SCHEDULEID] and I get the same “Invalid scheduled transaction id.”

Here’s a schedule ID where this is occurring. Can you provide any assistance? This is becoming a bit of a nuisance!


(Joe Dev) #14

Same issue happening again today. I am going to assume it’s not important to Dwolla, so this will be my last complaint about this.

(Spencer Hunter) #15

Apologies @jholst, Do you have the latest scheduled id where this is occurring? This is in production, correct? Once we have the scheduled id we’ll take a closer look to see if we can see what is happening here…

(Joe Dev) #16

Hey @spencer, I have this issue occur again today. Here is the schedule ID: 8997c34c-abb2-4bf3-befb-0a324d29ab77

If you could provide any assistance that would be great. I haven’t had this issue in awhile, but it’s back and it’s going to bother me majorly until I am able to get to the bottom of these disappearing schedules.

As a reminder, I have no record of the schedule being deleted on my end (we log all actions). When I try to fetch the schedule I get “Invalid scheduled transaction id”, or more specifically…

{"Success":false,"Message":"Invalid scheduled transaction id.","Response":null,"_links":null}

(James Eliason) #17

Hi Joe, it looks like that user removed the bank that had the scheduled payment, which in turn removes the scheduled payment. We recommend reaching out to the user and have them update their payment details.

(Joe Dev) #18

Thanks @jameseliason. Any idea when it was removed? I ask because the reason I’m looking into this is because the user says they removed the schedule but it took the funds from their account on the scheduled date anyway.

If the funding source was removed and the schedule still worked, that might be a problem.