Questions about setting up CIP transfer accounts

(John) #1

I have noticed that the sandbox does not simulate the user experience of the CIP transfer account sign-up process. Once you type in your email/password and business name, it prompts the user to allow the requested scopes, and then that’s it. No setting up a funding source, or providing SSN, etc. all of which will be necessary in production, I imagine.

Also, the CIP account requires a business name. What if I would like to facilitate transactions between two individuals? Could they put their full name as their “business name”?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @GME, You’re correct in that the CIP transfer account signup in the Sandbox doesn’t match the UX for production. In production, we won’t display the businessName field on the initial register screen. In addition, we’ll prompt the user to add a funding source if the Send and/or Funding scopes were requested. For an example and walkthrough of the CIP transfer account creation via OAuth , reference our developer documentation here. This was primarily done to simplify the development experience as it takes out a few steps. Nonetheless, from a development perspective this doesn’t change any errors that may occur in production within the OAuth flow.

Missing or Invalid Scope for requested endpoint
(John) #3

Great, thanks. I will test it out in the production environment.

Also, in the sandbox, do all transactions have a value of $1000, regardless of what you specified when you initiated the transfer?

(Shea Daniels) #4

Hi @GME. No, transactions in sandbox should be for the amount specified.

(John) #5

I think I am about ready to fully integrate Dwolla. Another quick question though –

When a transaction is successfully completed in the sandbox, is it supposed to show up in sandbox account portal? Because mine do not show up. The facilitator fee also does not show up.

Thank you!

(Shea Daniels) #6

It depends on who was involved in the transaction:

If your Sandbox account was the sender or receiver, it should show up in the main transactions list. If you’re integrating the Access API and it was a transfer between customers belonging to your Sandbox account, it would show up in the customers transaction list on the customers tab. If you’re integrating Transfer and facilitating transfers between two other accounts, it would not show up in your transaction listing.