Questions regarding Batch of transactions or Settlements of funds

Hello All,

I have a question - before I implement Dwolla in my app, I want to understand how the settle process works. For instance, in Woo-commerce and if you are using stripe (or it could be their own processor, I don’t quite remember) they would batch transactions that would post a few days later. These batches could contain transactions for 2 or 3 days sometimes so when you went to reconcile your bank statement It made it super hard to identify which batch was what and which one included what (for instance, if the transaction didn’t happen before 5 pm, then it didn’t show until the following batch) - As you can see, this can easily and quickly get ugly.

That was for credit cards however, and I would ike to understand how it works for ACH in the Dwolla network. Are Ach’s processed batched and deposited into the receiving account as one lump sum? or is each transfer individual? is there a choice? (I would prefer them to be individual as it makes it much easier to reconcile and to utilize accounting software APIs.). If anyone can provide any insight on this, I would really appreciate it.


Hi @Rick_Berrios – with ACH in Dwolla, all transfers for recipients and senders will show up as individual transfers. For example, say, you create 10 individual transactions on Monday at 10am from your Dwolla account, 5 transfers to Customer A and 5 yo Customer B. All 10 transfers are then exported out from Dwolla at 4pm Central Time on an ACH file. You will then see 10 transaction entries in your bank account, and both Customer A and B will see 5 transactions each hit their bank accounts.

You also have the ability to only debit your bank account once for the lump sum, but still send individual credit transfers to customers.

Hope that helps answer your question! Let us know if we can help clarify anything further!