Quickbooks online integration

(Charlie Heath) #1

I’d like to sync dwolla transactions into Quickbooks online as automatically as possible.

I am currently doing a monthly CSV export from Dwolla reports, massaging the data in Excel to convert the date-time column into a date, then using Quickbooks CSV import. Quickbooks online does NOT accept IIF file imports.

I’d ideally like this to be fully automated and to reconcile against Dwolla auto-transfers into our bank account. The auto-transfers do not tag anything related to dwolla transactions so it is just a guessing game to match a Quickbooks checking deposit that clears against a particular Dwolla transfer transaction, and that only done after a manual sync at month end.

Thoughts about how I can do this better?




Hi Charlie -

Are you receiving payments or sending payments via Dwolla? If you are sending payments have a look at www.vendwolla.com which will synchronize QuickBooks Online Bills and Payments with Dwolla Transactions.


(Hair Guy Lancer P L L C ) #3

I have the same question. I am receiving weekly paymwnts through Dwolla.l, and am using Quickbooks PC version.