Reactjs dwolla integration for mass payout

(Divya Km) #1

We are working on Dwolla ACH Mass Payout first time. Facing lots of challenges after reading API documents. We have created account on dwolla site and sandbox site.

I have a few questions that I need answered to help me finish the setup

  1. In API for Mass Payouts, we found that there is a source object and under items array, there may be multiple destinations.
    We could not see anything specific in source and destination which uniquely identifies our funding-source and our client to whom we have to pay.

  2. There is a continuous use of idempotency key in all apis. But we believe that this key is a simple random key and down’t idenitfy our customer uniquely. Is this correct understanding?
    If yes, then how to tell system to transfer $1.00 to a particular customer?

Do we need to create customers in every transaction? Or if customers need to create only once?
What would happen if I try to create a duplicate customer?

Is there any live example of entire process of

  1. Authorization
  2. Create Customers
  3. Add bank details of customers
  4. Handle duplicate customers
  5. Make payments to all our customers in single transactions.

Any help would be appreciated.