Receive Only accounts colored dots meaning - Disabled account

Hi. We use the Receive Only users to issue payouts. We currently have a couple users that have red dots in their status and I am not able to modify their account and the API returns a “Resource cannot be modified” error when this user tries to add a new funding source. What does the red dot mean (and the green and orange)? Nowhere does it explain what those mean? How do I deactivate the user accounts that have the red dot or will they ever change status? All of our other users have green and orange dots and work fine. One customer id is 95dcc923-58a7-4c6e-b321-0792930e1a71.

Thank you,

Hi @AdWallet, The red indicator corresponds to the Customer having a suspended status. Suspended is a status that requires interaction from Dwolla before moving forward with reactivation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or your Account Manger and we would be happy to assist with this particular Customer!