Receive recurring payments?

(Doug Ricket) #1

My company is currently using Dwolla to process customer payments. From our website, we redirect the customer to Dwolla using the Checkout API, and process Dwolla’s notification back upon completion.

Now we need to set up auto-billing to charge customers for a monthly subscription. I see there is a recurring payment API, but it looks like this is only to send payments, not receive them.

Is there no way to do checkouts for recurring payments using Dwolla?

I love Dwolla but this is a dealbreaker – it looks like we’ll have to move to an ACH processor like Forte. Any suggestions or advice is welcome.


(Gordon Zheng) #2

Hey Doug,

The recurring/scheduled payment API can be used to send payments from not just your own account, but from your customers’ accounts too. You’ll need to request authorization to do this on their behalf via OAuth. Once the customer agrees to allow your application to do this, you’ll get an access token tied to their account which you can use to call the Scheduled Payments API.

Follow this guide to learn more about OAuth.

(Doug Ricket) #3

Thanks, that looks promising.

However, it looks like the user has to give our app “send” permission, which effectively lets us take all the money from the account, at any time in the future. Is that right? I don’t think users will go for that.

I think we need to ask the user to authorize a specific recurring payment, such as $20/month for 12 months, rather than give us full access to all their money forever.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @dricket, I want to add on to Gordon’s reply and provide some clarity around scheduled/recurring payments. With regards to the new scheduled/recurring API, we broke it out into it’s own “Scheduled” scope. This new scope gives your app permission to create a scheduled/recurring payment for any date in the future. Additionally, we provide you as the application owner the ability to delete a recurring payment in the event that the user no longer wants that payment to occur. For added security, we also require that the user enters their Dwolla PIN before creating the scheduled payment.

We encourage and recommend to developers that they provide copy explicitly stating that the user is authorizing funds to be withdrawn from their funding source in the amount and on the date specified. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity in the actions that the user is taking.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or feedback. Also, be on the look out in the future as we look to add recurring as an option in the Off-site gateway API!

(john) #5

HI @spencer,

Would you please inform as we are using V2 dwolla API, is there support for recurring or scheduled payment using ACH.

Currently, we use Access API.


(Spencer Hunter) #6

Hi @johndoer, We do not have specific scheduled/recurring functionality built into our v2 API (Access API). For applications that interact with our v2 API, you’ll want to build your own scheduler and call the Transfers API(POST to initiate the transfer on the scheduled date. I will be sure to pass along your feedback to our Product team for further consideration!

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