Regression in python 2.3.0 prevents me from upgrading from 2.2.1 before the Dec 4th deadline

(PK) #1

Please see here and advise:

(Jon Renaut (Cold Ants Properties)) #2

This is the same error I was talking about here:

(PK) #3

Is there anybody from Dwolla watching this forum? I also sent an e-mail and link to a few days ago. Absolutely no response. Very disappointing, especially when ask us to upgrade and impose a deadline.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Sorry for the troubles! We’ll take a look at the github issue here this afternoon. We’ve pushed back the deadline to later this week to allot more time to get this update in.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

@coldants and @p_k, We just pushed up a bug fix. Can you update to the latest version to see if this resolves the issue? As a heads up, we pushed back the date from Dec 4th to this Friday the 8th.

(PK) #6

Our CI gets the packages from pip. Is it 2.3.1?

(Spencer Hunter) #7

Yep, that’s correct!