Removing a funding source

At my last api request and i cant figure it out. Everything else works so far in sand box but im trying to Remove a Funding-Source
^ this is the url im sending

^ this is the json parameters im sending

Sending it Post and im getting back
{“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“The request body contains bad syntax or is incomplete.”}

Hi @dustinr1985, After looking at our logs, it appears to be just a small error. It should be a lowercase boolean true as the value. Im seeing, {"removed":"True"}, which looks to be treated as an invalid request. I can circle back internally as we likely should treat both as acceptable values. Example below is what you’ll want to send.

{"removed": true}

I tried both, i was doing true lowercase before i posted this then after i posted this i realized the state has to be capitalized in the create customer part so i tried capitalizing the True neither worked.

Hi @dustinr1985 – does lowercasing the value and removing the quotation marks work?

{“removed”: true}

Ok it looks like removing the quotation marks from “true” worked, thank you.

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