Removing Customer from list

(Roberto Tijerino) #1

While testing I would like to reuse the same customer multiple times.

Is there a way to remove a customer record so that I can re-insert it?

If no possible, is there a way to get the customer id by name or any other value?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@roberto_tijerino,Are you attempting to delete a created Customer in UAT? If so, our Sandbox environment was initially designed to replicate production behavior, and in our production environment we are required to retain customer data for a specified period of time therefore not allowing you to delete an account.

As a workaround, you can update the existing Customer’s email address to free up the Customer account or you can start with a new Dwolla account and create a new Customer.

Are you referring to a way to lookup your created Customer outside of iterating through the list of of Customers returned?

Delete An customer account
(Roberto Tijerino) #3

I makes sense not deleting a record. I suspected that.

Updating the email address will work. This is just for testing in order to handle distinct scenarios.

Thanks for the quick answer.