Requesting an reoccurring ACH

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Hello everyone! I am a new member and had a few questions. Hopefully someone can help.

  1. I want to know if the industry my business is in is accepted by Dwolla. We lend money to businesses similar to OnDeck and Kabbage.

  2. I tried to create a reoccurring ACH request but the site is asking me to “Choose from your existing Dwolla contacts, or type in any Dwolla ID #.” The client is a new client and does not have a Dwolla account yet. What are my options?

Any feedback is much appreciated!


(Vova Eliseev) #2

Hello @EphraimCPA
I think that depends on your integration option, since Dwolla has either Transfer option and Access API option.
If you use Transfer option, you should redirect your user to the Dwolla gateway and your user will create account through the Dwolla interface and will be redirected back to your application. In case of Access API, you can create customers programmatically (behind the scene).
Please check the corresponding sections


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