Resetting Sandbox/UAT account(s)

(Geoffrey Arnold) #1


It appears that my sandbox account is corrupt. When I attempt to login to the Sandbox Whitelabel Admin I receive the following error:

Is there a way to reset (or completely delete) a Sandbox account and associated Accounts so that I can start from scratch?



Hey @geoff were you able to find a way to reset the UAT/Sandbox environment?

(Geoffrey Arnold) #3

Hi @Souvent22, unfortunately not. 4 months of radio silence.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @geoff and @Souvent22, Unfortunately there isn’t a way to delete your Sandbox account. However, feel free to private message me your email address and I can free it up in our Sandbox environment! This will allow you to create a new Sandbox account with your email address.

(Geoffrey Arnold) #5

Done, thanks @spencer

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