Retrieving Funding Source (routing/account) vs ID values


I want to suspend users who cancel a transfer in my app until the transfer is resolved.

I can suspend their email/username, but then they could make new ones fairly quickly. Same goes for dwolla accounts (accountid). The same even goes for browser fingerprints.

I believe that suspending the usage of a given routing / account number from the app would be the most powerful enforcement.

The thing is that the funding sources endpoint does not send these values. I am only getting IDs. Should I be able to get routing/account numbers? If so, this resolves my issue.

When it comes to ID’s, I suppose, that if someone opens two dwolla accounts, and if both accounts use the same routing number / account number combination, that the two resulting funding source IDs will be different. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, as this will resolve my issue.)

I understand that I can get the routing/account numbers by having the user enter them on my app (just as collateral data really) and then creating the funding source via the dwolla API. Although this makes my app’s onboarding process more complicated, I am willing to implement it. However, there is a possibility in which the user wants to use a funding source that he/she has already placed into their dwolla account via the dwolla platform. What happens in that case, where the app creates an already-created funding source?

Thank you

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Returning an account and routing number for a bank isn’t something we’ve historically done with our APIs, however this can be achieved from a Product perspective. For Access API partners, we do have to ability to return the account and routing number bank accounts.

That is correct. If the same bank account is added across multiple customers then it we’ll return a different funding source id, as funding sources are unique to a Customer account.

If the user attempts to add a bank account that is already attached to their Dwolla account then we’ll return a ValidationError.

This is great feedback and something I’ll be sure to pass along to the team. We don’t currently suspend a given account and routing number if it’s used with a different Dwolla account or Access API Customer account, however that is something we can take into consideration.


Sounds great. Thank you. I can do this within my app in the meantime.

EDIT: I should take this one step further…suspending their actual identity (i.e. social security) is the most powerful enforcement. Your site says that you can’t give out that sort of info. So the question remains…can Dwolla truly blacklist someone? or can Dwolla help app developers blacklist someone?
[Don’t get me wrong…funding sources provide a good enforcement. I believe a person can only have so many bank accounts.]