Reverting from full to direct account

(Jon Renaut) #1

I have an account that I’m trying to upgrade to full, but still need some documentation. While I gather the documentation, is it possible to revert back to a direct account?

(Stephen Ausman) #2

Hey Jon,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to revert a full account back to a direct account. You would have to change the email address on your existing account and create a new direct account.

(Jon Renaut) #3

If I send money to the account while it’s in the process of getting verified as a full account, will the transaction go through successfully?

(Stephen Ausman) #4

Hey Jon,

It depends on where the money is coming from? (The bank account of a Direct account or the balance or bank of a full Dwolla account)

(Jon Renaut) #5

I tried from the balance of a Full member and it hung at pending.

(Spencer Hunter) #6

@jrenaut, once the receiving Dwolla account is in a good state then the funds should continue processing.

(Jon Renaut) #7

Yeah, but that’s going to be weeks before we can get the documentation you need. I’m going to have to find another way in the meantime.

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