Same BankName when creating different funding sources


I am creating multiple funding sources on a few clients in the sandbox and I always get the same BankName. This behavior is because it is a sandbox account?. Will I get the correct BankName in the production environment?

this is a example:

“AccountNumber” : “125369999”,
“BankAccountType” : “savings”,
“RoutingNumber” : “271070801”,
“Name” : “Citibank Illinois test”,
“Uri” : “c5bfdff0-4470-4b90-8c2c-2fc4e7c50155”,
“Created” : ISODate(“2020-07-08T17:14:20.766Z”),
“Removed” : false,
“Channels” : [
“Type” : “bank”,
“AccountStatus” : “unverified”

Correct, this is just the behavior in Sandbox. We’ll do a bank name lookup for the FI based on the ACH routing number that’s submitted and that’s what gets returned in production.