Sandbox Api Auth error

I am trying to use the API and have managed to generate an access token but am getting a 403 when trying to create a custom using the access token. This is in the sandbox environment.

These are the guides I am following:

This is the message that goes along with the 403: “The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource”

And for this test I am using the client key mhgv1natfEn8l99651QVIHKNfow3rgUVX0L6HB5ZZ7JCpRyG0o

Thank you,


Hi @IronNotice , Apologies for the inconvenience, this appears to be a misconfiguration of your test account. Are you able to retry that API request to see if you’re able to get around the 403 error?

Thanks I was able to create a customer using the API. Will continue trying with the other endpoints.

Am experiencing the same issue too.

Hi @Immanuel_Okeke – The settings on your Sandbox account look to be fine.

Perhaps it’s a premium feature you were attempting to test in Sandbox?
If so, we’d have to manually turn on the setting for testing in Sandbox. Would you be able to share the request you were trying to run when you got this error?