Sandbox Console Process Button

(Kris E) #1

Is the Sandbox Console not working properly for when process is hit?

When I hit fail the transfer it works and fails but when I hit process it just stays in an infinite loop leaving it pending.

(Youdar) #2

Same problem here.

(Shea Daniels) #3

The Sandbox Console is currently not able to finish processing transfers to/from unverified customers in some situations. We’re actively working on an improvement that will fix this. I’ll post back here when that’s complete.

(Shea Daniels) #4

We’ve also found and resolved an issue with the Sandbox Console. If you check back, your transfer may have completed processing. If not, processing should work now.

(Kris E) #5

Thank you Shea.

(Rankun203) #6

Thank you for the work, but it worked only for a while, I don’t know why.

When I saw your message, I jumped to the console and processed a few transfers from a verified user to some unverified user. Those operations was succeeded.

But when I was started to make new transfers and process them, no one was able to be processed.

(Kris E) #7

Agree. I believe it be broke again.

(Shea Daniels) #8

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll continue to monitor it. It should be working again as of this post.

(Kris E) #9

I believe it be broke again @shea. :confused:

Just stays the never ending cycle of arrows going in a circle.

(Chris Niedzwiedz) #10

As recently as minutes ago, I’m seeing 504 timeout errors on requests to mark things as processed. Marking things as failed still works.

I need this back soon so I can wrap up testing and meet our launch deadline!



(Shea Daniels) #11

Unfortunately we’re continuing to have some issues with this staying up. It’s working right now and we’re looking into the root cause.

(Cory Anderson) #12

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