Sandbox IAV Down?

(Kris E) #1

When I go to it seems like it does not work. Kris

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @Kris, it looks like there may have been a minor hicup with IAV in the Sandbox(UAT). We should be back up and running now. Sorry for the inconvenience and downtime!

(Tharun Agarwal) #3

We are also facing the issue with IAV in Sandbox. Whenever we try to add a funding source, we are getting “401, Unauthorised” error message while getting IAV Token. Please let us know if anything has changed in the API.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@tharun_agarwal, There should have been no changes with regards to how you generate an IAV token. Can you show the request you are attempting that is resulting in a 401?

(Tharun Agarwal) #5

Pls see the attached screenshot .At the bottom of the image you can see the complete request. This was working few days back and we didn’t made any changes in the code.

(Tharun Agarwal) #6

this is working fine. the issue was from our side.Sorry for the confusion

(Spencer Hunter) #7

Great! Reach out if you run into issues again and we’d be happy to help debug. :slight_smile: