ScanIDTypeNotSupported on a business document?

Hello, I’m trying to move a business customer from document to verified status. I uploaded a W9, which correctly matches their name, address, and EIN. However, this document was rejected with a “ScanIdTypeNotSupported” for the failureReason.

This doesn’t make sense to me - I’ve successfully verified business customers with a W9 in the past. The error message of "ID may be a military ID, firearm license, or other unsupported ID type" doesn’t fit either, since this is a business document, not an ID for an individual.

In the Dwolla docs, it recommends a SS4 for business verification. If a SS4 is accepted, I feel a W9 should be as well. A W9 should actually be preferable right? It verifies the EIN, instead of being an application for one.

I don’t have access to an SS4 for this business, if a W9 doesn’t work I don’t see how I can get them verified. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Document ID is 4c5b1817-730d-407b-a08b-7367be291335

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@Milorad_Bodiroga ???

Hi @dtj – I circled with our R&C team, and it looks like we can only accept an EIN letter (IRS-issued SS4 confirmation letter) for the business and not a W9. Would you be able to share any examples of past documents that we accepted that were W9s? It would help with our investigation – perhaps it was an oversight on our end that we need to take a look into.

As for the failure reason, it appears that while the high level code of ScanIdTypeNotSupported is accurate in this case, the error message for document failure isn’t. Currently, the error message is tailored to Personal documents. I’ve notified my team about this so that we can work on correcting/improving the document failure reasoning!

Gotcha, thanks @shreya

Is there a list of documents that are not accepted?

I can’t point to specific examples of a w9 being verified, we didn’t use to save the Dwolla document ID along with the file itself. So I actually can’t say for sure that a W9 has been accepted before, I just know they’ve been submitted before. I can say for sure that we’ve never uploaded an SS4.

Simply put - I have other documents that I’m uploading for this customer - but none of them will verify their info as well as a W9 does. In the past I’ve uploaded multiple documents that are far less official than a W9 and they’ve worked. It sounds like there’s a specific exclusion of the W9 by Dwolla, which is what’s confusing me. For banks, it’s often it’s the opposite - the W-9 is accepted while the SS4 is not. Just my 2 cents…I know it’s probably not your decision :sweat_smile:

There isn’t a list of unsupported documents per se, but we do have a list of other documents that are acceptable on a case by case basis in our documentation. You might have seen it already, but it’s listed here in our docs.

Gotcha! That makes sense! I’ll be relaying this back to our team so we have it logged it as feedback. If I can gather some more info on the specifics of why we don’t accept W9s, I’ll make sure to let you know!

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Hi there!

Just and update – our team was able to verify the Business with the additional documents that were uploaded.

Looks we don’t accept W9s because they are normally filled out by the individual and instead we’re looking for a document issued by the government.

Hope that helps clarify things a bit better! :slight_smile:

@shreya thanks! Appreciate the update, good to know for the future.

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