Scheduled Payments and Daily Bank Limits

(Brandon Ruschill) #1

I’m wondering how scheduled payments are handled when a scheduled amount is over a user’s bank’s daily limit. In the past when I’ve tried to make large purchases online and have passed my daily limit, I have to go to the bank and request a temporary limit increase.

For example: I schedule a payment for $5,000 on behalf of a user, and unbeknownst to me the bank account the user is paying with has a $2,000 daily withdraw limit. When scheduled date arrives and an attempt to transfer the money is made, would the bank reject it? From previous experience I’d say yes, and if so, how would the developer be notified? Or, does it clear regardless because of some magic on Dwolla’s end?


(Brian Crall ) #2


If the payment fails because the sender’s account doesn’t have enough money it will be represented as failed, as it fails.

@Gordon @Spencer,

What would be the best way for Brandon to monitor for failed transactions with the API?

(Brandon Ruschill) #3

@BrianC - I was actually wondering about if the payment hits the user’s bank’s daily withdraw limit when they have enough money in their account. In college I hit my daily limit a couple of times when I tried to buy a new laptop. I’d then have to physically go into the bank and request that my daily limit be temporarily increased.

(Gordon Zheng) #4


If the sender’s bank account has a daily/monthly ACH transaction volume limit, that will result in a failed transaction. The TransactionStatus webhook will notify your application in this case and the transaction will have a status of failed.

(Brandon Ruschill) #5

That’s what I figured. Thanks @gordon && @BrianC!

(Gordon Zheng) #6

Happy to help @bruschill!

(Manthan Tripathi) #7

If a Transaction for schduled payment is failed, then will dwolla make an attempt to execute it again?
If yes, then after how much time it will trigger next attempt, and how many attempts will be made?

(Spencer Hunter) #8

@manthan_itoneclick, Currently the scheduled payment is not re-attempted when it fails. It could fail for a number of reasons, i.e. the recipient is no longer active, they are in an unverified state, etc. It is recommended in a failure to check the destination of the scheduled payment and recreate a new one?