Searching webhook history

Is there an easy way to search webhoook history? In production I am able to search by date but it only allows me to view a single page of the history. Switching pages reverts it back to the current day. I don’t see an option to search by anything else. Thanks!

Hi @paul!

I believe this could be what you’re looking for, List Events

Note that Dwolla will only guarantee access to events through the API over a rolling 30-day period.

Hi @paul, we currently only support a start and end date filter for searching on your webhooks history. This is the endpoint that is being called to surface that information in the dashboard. That being said, we would like to expand the capabilities of this endpoint in 2021 to include search and filter such as a lookup by resourceID. We’ll be sure to relay this feedback on to our Product team!

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Thanks I apprecate it!