Send Money on sandbox are processed instantly

(Neil Vicente Acero) #1


I find it peculiar that on sandbox, Send Money transactions are processed instantly unlike Checkouts which I have to process manually and gives out a clearing date parameter on its webhooks data. On my tests, I am “paying” using the same Dwolla account and funding source.

Is there something I am missing, or is it just the way it is?


When using Checkouts, I get a Transaction Status webhook with a processed status, then another with a completed status after I manually process the payment.

Using Send Money, I only get a Transaction Status webhook with a processed status.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @neilsteel,

You are more than likely sending from a Dwolla balance, in which case the transaction will process instantly to the recipient. This is the default funding source in API v1 unless you specify an alternative fundsSource id of a bank account funding source.

With an Off-site gateway checkout you should receive an initial callback from the checkout telling you if the checkout was completed or failed. You will also get a webhook for the payment if the transaction was created successfully. For more information on handling the gateway callback, reference this guide:

In both the Send Money API and Off-site Gateway API you should receive a TransactionStatus webhook if the payment was created successfully and you have subscribed a URL in you application’s settings.

(Neil Vicente Acero) #3

Apparently I was sending the incorrect ID for the funding source. Thanks for your help!