Sending money and crappy support

(Daniel Hutnicki) #1

I need to send money to someone. There is no feature on my Dwolla that sends money. My account has been verified but there no feature to request money or to send money. What is the deal with this. Someone I have to work with, needs me to send them money using this system. What is worse, this compnay has no phone support or even instant chant. I have to wait hours for an simple question like how do you send money

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Humey, Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with reaching out to our support team. Hopefully I can address your question more directly on this forum. Over the past few years Dwolla has evolved into a Platform that allows businesses to leverage the Dwolla APIs to build payments into there own applications. As part of this shift in focus, we no longer offer tools in our existing Dashboard to send P2P type payments to other users in the Dwolla network. This change was made to enhance our Product offerings and better serve our current customer base. I apologize for any confusion and the delay in getting you a response to your question. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions on the current features and functionality of the Dwolla Platform!