Sending to Unverified Business Customer


We’re in the process of setting up Dwolla for a rental assistance program in Colorado, where we will send ACH transfers to landlords. In the case of a bank account owned by a company, what should we put as First Name & Last Name and are they used in the actual ACH transfer?

For other ACH transfers on other platforms, we’ve exclusively used the company name on the bank account (and looking at the NACHA file format – which presumably Dwolla submits to NACHA – there’s only one field for recipient).


Hi Ben! – thanks for posting!

When creating an Unverified Customer record for a Business/Company, you can use the firstName and lastName of the representative of the Company who is signing up. You can also submit a businessName for the company. If a businessName is submitted, that’s what will be sent to NACHA.

  "firstName": "Jane",
  "lastName": "Merchant",
  "email": "",
  "ipAddress": "",
  "businessName": "Jane Merchant's Business"

Hope that helps!

do the first and last name sent to dwolla need to match the first and last names associated with the account on the bank’s side (for either RDFI or ODFI)?

Hi Tom – no, we don’t enforce matching the name in the Customer account with the name in the bank account.