September 2019 Updates - Featuring KBA

September 2019 Updates - Featuring KBA

As we progress towards our mission of building the ideal platform to move money, we continually introduce ways to showcase our customers’ businesses and brands.

By listening to the needs of our API clients, we are able to evolve our offerings to better support their needs.

Check out our updates from the Month of September:

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)

Personal verified Customers moving through the identity verification process now have the ability to enable KBA if they are not automatically verified. This addition would replace the retry flow and allows end users to answer time-boxed questions regarding their personal history to verify their identity.

Document Review Automation

Dwolla has recently improved processing documentation review for items such as an ID or passport. The automation efforts provide more detailed feedback to end users and drive more scalable document processing.

Partnership Program Launch

Dwolla has created the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem as a way to connect clients with additional services that complement its offering. Dwolla is partnering with industry leaders in key areas to build out a network of service providers that will ultimately help the company’s clients expand their businesses. The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem will provide access to service providers for international payments, bank verification, development resources and much more.

Tech Topics:

  • Writing a Java Library with Kotlin
    Based on feedback from the developer community, we recently decided to build a new Java SDK for our API to make integrating with our API easier for Java developers using Kotlin. Kotlin describes itself as: A statically typed programming language targeting JVM, Android, JavaScript & Native.

  • Dwolla Connects Businesses With Additional Development Resources
    We Write Code has joined the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, a network of companies that provide tools and services for customers of Dwolla. As a Systems Integrator, We Write Code offers services that help our clients build out custom solutions for their payments application leveraging the Dwolla Platform.

  • Dwolla Connects Businesses With International Payments
    TransferMate and CurrencyCloud have joined the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, allowing for international money movement for customers of Dwolla.