Server Error Return from trying to create an unverified cusomter

So I’ve had this code working for the last 2 month with no changes to it whatsoever in creating an unverified customer.

All of a sudden today I get back a 400 server error from dwolla.

{ Error: {“code”:“ServerError”,“message”:“A server error occurred. Error ID: ebc5e2ba-a527-422e-a8fe-c031f247975c.”}
at errorFrom (/home/Desktop/prizedown/react/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:43:15)
at /home/Desktop/prizedown/react/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:64:29
From previous event:
at handleResponse (/home/Desktop/prizedown/react/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:51:21)
at runCallback (timers.js:763:18)
at tryOnImmediate (timers.js:734:5)
at processImmediate (timers.js:716:5)
at process.topLevelDomainCallback (domain.js:102:23)
From previous event:
at (/home/Desktop/prizedown/react/node_modules/dwolla-v2/src/dwolla/Token.js:90:5)
at /home/Desktop/prizedown/react/build/webpack:/src/server.js:4638:1
status: 500,
Headers {
{ date: [Array],
‘content-type’: [Array],
‘content-length’: [Array],
connection: [Array],
‘set-cookie’: [Array],
‘access-control-allow-origin’: [Array],
‘x-request-id’: [Array],
‘expect-ct’: [Array],
server: [Array],
‘cf-ray’: [Array] } },
{ code: ‘ServerError’,
message: ‘A server error occurred. Error ID: ebc5e2ba-a527-422e-a8fe-c031f247975c.’ } }

This is happening anytime I call :${customerLinks}/funding-sources, funding_request_body

Everytime it returns me a 400 server error.

HOWEVER - when I look at my dwolla sandbox it actually has made the customer and sometimes the customer has a proper funding source connected and sometimes it doesn’t.

I made sample code to test this making 30 different customers and there is no pattern of appropriate creation. So sometimes any number between 1-20 are connected.

Please let me know whats going on.

Thank you!

Hi @victorthevong, I can see in our logs that you’re sending upwards of 10-20 requests per second that are all resulting in failures (400s). This may be why you may be hitting a few 500s here in there, as we are attempting to validate the existing bad requests that are in-flight. Have you taken a look at the error response body when receive a 400 to pinpoint what may be wrong with your request? Also, what is the use case you are attempting to solve for with sending requests to add a bank to 30 different customers?