Setup operational notifications

I cant find operational notifications in the platform nor in the api docs. how do I set what notifications to send and customize the branding

Hi @hanan – while Operational Notifications are provided by default in Production, we’d have to manually turn it on for you in Sandbox. We’d just need your email id for Sandbox, or any Dwolla ID associated with your Sandbox account!

In terms of setting what notifications to send, operational notifications are actually sent for all required events listed in this doc -

For customizing the branding, please let me know what I can put in for the following items and I can set that up for you!

Account Name -
From Email Address -
Reply-to Email Address -
Logo (Optional) -
Logo Link (Optional) -
Support Address -
Support phone (Conditional - Required is Support email isn’t provided) -
Support Email Address (Conditional - Required is Support phone isn’t provided) -

Feel free to email the above items to us at if that’s more comfortable!

hello shreya,
my sandbox email id is as for the branding, can’t I customize it through the platform? I cant put them here because it says new users can only put 2 links in a reply.

hello shreya,
any update about this

Hi Hanan, I’m afraid there isn’t support for customizing that info via the Sandbox Dashboard currently.

If you could email those items to with the subject line: "Set up Operational notifications in Sandbox" and also include the Sandbox email:, we can get that set up for you!

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