Show transfer Memo on Dashboard

(Zinc Platform, Inc ) #1

I am able to successfully use the Dwolla co-branded v2 solution to send pay-out transfers.

When I send the transfer I as per the documentation I add notes in the metadata:

:metadata => {
:paymentId => “12345678”,
:note => “payment for completed work Dec. 1”

When I open the transfer on the web portal, however, the note or the paymentID do not show up.

What are the key tags that I should place in the metadata that will allow this transfer information to show up on the dashboard?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Following up on this topic. @Zinc_Platform_Inc, metadata is only visible to the application that created the transaction. No other application, nor the sender or receiver may access the metadata field. Version 1 of our API allowed you to specify a notes field which would then get passed through and be visible in emails and the UI. I’ll be sure to relay this feedback to our Product team to see if we can add support for “notes” in API v2.