Some kind of issue with mini deposits

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Hello Folks,

I want to use transferwise to move money into different countries but there one issue that make headaces for me.

The issue is i do not have online banking and, trasnferwise using dwolla to add bank into their platform

Trasnferwise have option to add bank via Mini / Micro Deposits. When i go to Trasnferwise Micro Deposit Section

It prompt to enter account number and i entered ac and routing then it ask to login into bank.What the f** is this i mean it’s mini deposits right? but it ask to login to my bank.

I do not know why.So i think dwolla can help all people who have this problem and trasnfer wise told me they do not know why this i think dwolla can help me!

My bank is TD bank

I also attached screenshots

Mahela Kumar

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Why no body answer me?