Testing Dwolla Webhooks

(Alek) #1

I don’t get my endpoint called by dwolla webhook events when I try to test document uploading for verified customer, actually not even dwolla webhook event gets created.
I tested my endpoint with Postman and it receives POST requests that I simulate.
And when I list webhooks for my subscribed webhook I get total of 0, adn my webhook subscription is not paused.
I’m of course testing in Sandbox, and I think I was getting webhook events before but not anymore.

What should I do to get this work?

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey Alek, I’m taking a look at this. Do you happen to have a webhook subscription ID that I could reference? I can look into our logs and see if there is something unusual going on

(Alek) #4

Yes, my current webhook subscription should be 8559ddca-6ed3-44f3-83e2-f886d4ccc8b0.
And the previous one was: 29228712-2295-4c1c-b3f3-0722f3ac5d14.

(Cory Anderson) #5

Hey Alek,
I’m seeing that you are using the Transfer API. Do you mean to be using this? If so, we will only return webhooks for account_suspended or account_activated in a document upload.

(Alek) #6

Ah ok, we have transfer api for production and access api for sandbox, so I was just using the production one instead of sandbox.
Thanks for the help!

(Anupam Chowdary) #7

hi i created a webhook subscription . but i am not getting any events to callback url. and my webhook id is
“id”: “f15bf7ec-ec72-46b0-bbda-06784e93fcda”,

(Shreya Thapa) #8

Hi @anupam_chowdary, this may be due to a minor issue on our end which we detected and fixed this morning. You should be able to receive the webhooks just fine now! Thanks for reporting this issue!

Please let us know if you are still unable to receive the webhooks; we would be glad to dive in further and investigate!