Testing Dwolla Webhooks

(Alek) #1

I don’t get my endpoint called by dwolla webhook events when I try to test document uploading for verified customer, actually not even dwolla webhook event gets created.
I tested my endpoint with Postman and it receives POST requests that I simulate.
And when I list webhooks for my subscribed webhook I get total of 0, adn my webhook subscription is not paused.
I’m of course testing in Sandbox, and I think I was getting webhook events before but not anymore.

What should I do to get this work?

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey Alek, I’m taking a look at this. Do you happen to have a webhook subscription ID that I could reference? I can look into our logs and see if there is something unusual going on

(Alek) #4

Yes, my current webhook subscription should be 8559ddca-6ed3-44f3-83e2-f886d4ccc8b0.
And the previous one was: 29228712-2295-4c1c-b3f3-0722f3ac5d14.

(Cory Anderson) #5

Hey Alek,
I’m seeing that you are using the Transfer API. Do you mean to be using this? If so, we will only return webhooks for account_suspended or account_activated in a document upload.

(Alek) #6

Ah ok, we have transfer api for production and access api for sandbox, so I was just using the production one instead of sandbox.
Thanks for the help!