Testing KBA feature in sandbox


is it possible to test the KBA functionality on a sandbox account or do I have to contact your Sales departments to activate it first?

I did a first test to have a customer with kba status, by updating his firstname with kba. but on the result received, the customer has a document status

P.S: We are still in sandbox mode on the project, we have not yet activated production mode.

Hello @ismail hope your week is going well.
The KBA functionality is a premium feature in the Production environment and not enabled by default in the sandbox at this time.
Please let me know what your accountId is and I can enable this via Direct Message or in this thread.

You can find this by calling the API root.

Hello @CoolStoryCory ,

Thank you for the quick reply

Here is the account id: 5e120d44-9043-4edb-8d8f-7f22ec7742c9, for which we want the kba to be active

@ismail, you should be all set! Check out this section of our docs and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Hello, I just tested the flow,and it works as expected. Thank you for your efforts!


Hi, this is also something that we would like to test in our Sandbox account if possible. Our accountId is 7f26b110-66a4-4bb8-88f1-700e66ce6e42

Thanks for your help!

@Matthew_Kane, Enabled!

Apologies, we sent you the clientId by accident. Here are the correct accountIds


@Matthew_Kane, you should be all set. Let us know if you need any additional assistance!