Testing KBA feature in sandbox


is it possible to test the KBA functionality on a sandbox account or do I have to contact your Sales departments to activate it first?

I did a first test to have a customer with kba status, by updating his firstname with kba. but on the result received, the customer has a document status

P.S: We are still in sandbox mode on the project, we have not yet activated production mode.

Hello @ismail hope your week is going well.
The KBA functionality is a premium feature in the Production environment and not enabled by default in the sandbox at this time.
Please let me know what your accountId is and I can enable this via Direct Message or in this thread.

You can find this by calling the API root.

Hello @CoolStoryCory ,

Thank you for the quick reply

Here is the account id: 5e120d44-9043-4edb-8d8f-7f22ec7742c9, for which we want the kba to be active

@ismail, you should be all set! Check out this section of our docs and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Hello, I just tested the flow,and it works as expected. Thank you for your efforts!