Testing webhooks in sandbox- invalid order

Hi there! I’m testing webhooks by uploading document for verification. After document uploading i receive 2 different webhooks:
first: customer_verification_document_failed
second: customer_verification_document_uploaded
I assume that this is not correct order, because first should be “uploaded” and second - “failed”

I use testing files from this topic: https://developers.dwolla.com/guides/sandbox#testing-customers

As you can notice - timestamp in webhooks is correct, but our system registers them in wrong order so logic chain breaks.
Can you check if it’s a problem only with sandbox enviroment? Is there any way to increase time between webhooks (maybe 0.5 - 1 second)?

Hi @justPSST – Webhook events in Dwolla are created sequentially, but you may receive them in a different order. This is true for both Sandbox and Production.

When you receive a webhook for a resource that hasn’t yet been created in your system, you could reject the webhook and let Dwolla retry in 15 minutes. Additionally, we can also reduce the concurrency of webhooks from the default of 10 at time for your webhook subscriptions!

Hope that helps! Let us know if you’d like for us to reduce the concurrency to a certain number. We’d just need your webhook-subscription id!