The changes this Dec 7th

(Philip Tait) #1

Very confusing message was sent out. Bottom line seems to be that Dwolla as we know it is shutting down?

(Mariah Young) #2

No, that is not true. Dwolla is not shutting down. We’ve just been shifting gears and are now ramping up our support and focus for the platform!

Sorry for the confusion. Hopefully, I can help…

Essentially, Dwolla is focusing in on the API and transitioning away from some old functionality—namely, Dwolla Forms, Hub pages, and our native mobile apps.

P2P payments will be shutting down, as well as some other capabilities. The API is 100% unaffected. If you’re a business you can send funds and request funds from from all account types. If you send funds to a Personal account, those Personal accounts can withdraw those funds to their bank account).

The best reference is our FAQs, which go into better detail about how each account type is impacted.

FAQ for Personal users
FAQ for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Governments
FAQ for Developers

(Nick Farina) #3

Wow, this is going to be really painful! Especially when it comes to recurring payments, as there are no other good consumer-facing services for doing this for free on the ACH network. And December 7th is really soon to get lots of people I do business with to switch services. (It took me over a year to get all my HOA members to finally sign up for Dwolla and stop mailing paper checks).

Do you have any information on your recommended consumer-facing alternative for sending payments via the Dwolla API?

I mean I guess I could write my own app using the API but it seems like someone will have done this already.

(Nick Farina) #4

A follow up for anyone else stumbling on this thread - I found Cozy which looks very promising as a free solution for recurring payments. It’s geared around “paying rent” but seems like it could be used for anything really.

(Mariah Young) #5

@nfarina - for collecting your HOA fees, check out JotForms. It’s free for use, and it uses the Dwolla API. Also, there are recurring payments options within this platform. Here’s a tutorial that shows just how you would get started.

Additionally, we’re working with a partner to release an alternative for P2P payments. Stay tuned there.

(Nick Farina) #6

Very helpful, thank you!

(Erik K) #7

We too are having issues completely understanding how this impacts us. The information that was sent out/posted is confusing and not very clear. It’s not put in terms that’s easily understood by the end user, so I understand your frustration.

Members of our congregation have recurring and scheduled offerings setup so they can make sure their tithing takes place even when they are not at church. I have tried setting up a JotForm, but the only option that looks anything close to scheduled/recurring is the subscription option. When we set that up, all we get is the error message “Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. Developers: Invalid client configuration. Refer to OAuth documentation at for more information.” There is absolutely no help information on how to fix this or how to properly set this up.

I find it very odd that Dwolla is going to make this big of a change, this quick, without easy to understand information on how to make the transition as painless as possible for the most commonly used situations.

(James Eliason) #8

Hi Erik, the error you were seeing on the JotForm for scheduled/recurring has been fixed. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

(Erik K) #9

I just tried it again and it’s still doing the same thing.

(James Eliason) #10

Hi Erik, confirming that you have the OAuth redirect URL set on your Dwolla App inside of your Dwolla applications page is:

(Erik K) #11

I did not have that option setup. I setup everything per the help document that was linked in the email that was sent out about the changes. It did not mention anything about the OAuth redirect URL. It also did not state to select any permissions. Should we have certain permissions selected in order to people to do donations and/or scheduled & recurring donations?

FYI: I made the change you suggested and I am still getting the same error.

(Dwolla) #12

Hi @cohokc -

Would you mind sending the public URL for your JotForm into

Our team will take a look at it and see what we can figure out for you.

Also, JotForm has some additional resources through their help section that offers a more comprehensive view of the integration steps.

(Erik K) #13

That has been sent.

I noticed something about the link you posted vs the link in the help document that was linked in the email that was sent out about the changes. The link you posted shows we should have permissions check where the one that was sent out via email shows we should not have any permissions checked.

When we go into permissions, it has an asterisk next to a bunch of options with a warning below, which appears to state that those won’t work any longer because they are part of the v1 API.

So, which help document is correct?

(James Eliason) #14

Hi Erik, we are in the process of updating our help doc, the JotForm help doc is up to date. Thanks!

(Erik K) #15

I changed my Dwolla API settings exactly as your document shows and I’m still getting the error message “Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. Developers: Invalid client configuration. Refer to OAuth documentation at for more information.”

(Spencer Hunter) #16

Hey @cohokc, Here are a few things you can check on your end to make sure the integration is properly configured.

  • Are you setting the correct OAuth Redirect URL in your application’s settings?

  • Do you have the proper scopes enabled on your created Dwolla application?

Let us know you if you continue to run into issues after checking those two items and we can help debug further!

(Erik K) #17

The Dwolla recurring option is now working for me. The documentation has changed. The instructions for the OAuth URL is different than it was last week. I changed the OAuth URL to what it shows now and it is allowing me to setup the recurring payment.

The only thing I noticed is that there is no option to schedule the recurring payment. Is that not an option with jotform and the new APIs?

(Dave Eck) #18

Okay, i am lost in all of that technical jargon…i see LOTS of info of what stuff i can do. but can some one tell me plain and simply…WHY MY SEND BUTTON IS GONE? Can i no longer send payments to my friends and vice versa? None of us have SEND buttons any more???


You’ll want to have a look at Current (, which is built on the Dwolla infrastructure (ie, they use the Dwolla API) and is geared towards person-to-person payments.

I believe that things like the Send Buttons are gone because Dwolla is focusing all their resources on their back-end infrastructure, and so leaving front-end (ie, user facing) interface development to other companies making use of their API.

(Dave Eck) #20

“back-end infrastructure”, " Dwolla infrastructure " , “Dwolla API”…"leaving front-end (ie, user facing) interface development "…WE ARE NOT ALL COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS YOU KNOW! NOT TO MENTION, I HAVE TO GO IN AND TRAIN ALL THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH NOW TOO…SO NEED A LITTLE MORE THAN A PAGE OF JARGON TO WORK WITH.

So do i close my Dwolla Account then? Current replaces Dwolla? I’ve been pushing Dwolla since the beginning, this is pretty disheartening…no support number anymore…NOTHING to help me adapt to all these changes other than a bunch of tech jargon that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO ME. guess it may be time to move away from Dwolla then, if no one can help.