There is no "add money" button for me to add money to my account!

(Ashley) #1

I just (finally!) got my bank account linked on here. Then I searched under FAQ for how to add money to my account here. It said to click the “add money” button under my account balance. There is no “add money” button there. I have no idea what else to do. Thanks for your help!


I want to ask this same question.

According to this link, funding my own personal account has been discontinued. I really want to be able to do this.
Can I set up a blank business account so that I can add money, and can I recommend to the users of my app to create blank business accounts?

The Jotform seems to only help others send me money.

I just want to be able to fund my dwolla account with my bank account.

I was hoping to be able to facillitate p2p transfers using their balance accounts because they happen in real time, but personal accounts can’t be funded on their own.

If I can’t use blank business accounts, and if a user can not fund their own dwolla personal account, can you recommend an external solution for p2p transfers?

I am over one year into implementing my app with Dwolla, so this last question is difficult to ask, but if I have to take the 5x increase in transaction costs with another service in order to make transactions happen fast, and if I have to go through a whole different implementation process, then so be it.

Thank you.

EDIT: I think I know your answer to this. You would suggest the Access API for these reasons. I am using the transfer API because the dwolla balance already allows for real-time transfers and real-time queries for the amount of funds. But if personal users can’t fund their dwolla balance then I would have to go with Access API for these features (same day transfers and querying for the amount of funds available). At the same time though, Access API is expensive for me right now, as I am just starting things off with my app, so it would be great if it is possible for users to have balnk business accounts, or for there to be some sort of possibility with jotform that I may have missed.

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