"TLS SNI Hostname Mismatch" accessing sandbox API

(Jzeal) #1

I’m trying to build a basic test case-- “log in as company’s Dwolla account, then remit funds from that account to another user.” using the PHP API.

Right now, this is all in sandbox mode-- using a sandbox API key, and sandbox URLs.

I send the user to the OAuth link, and get back a code fine. I’m able to pass that to the token exchange and get some basic user data.

However, when I try to use the Funding Sources API to list the funding sources associated with the current signed-in account, it blows up.

Apparently it recieves a 403 error of some sort, but the body of the 403 error is a CloudFlare message, announcing “Error 1013 - HTTP hostname and TLS SNI hostname mismatch”

The URL it tries to hit is https://api-uat.dwolla.com//accounts/0bca17b7-320a-488a-ad78-d7cb6851ab0d/funding-sources