TOS and PP when using Access API

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In the sidebar here there are links to several different legal documents and I’m wondering which ones do I need when using Dwolla through Access API on my website?
I have 2 cases:

  1. unverified customers with unverified funding sources

  2. verified customers with verified funding sources.

Which legal documents do I need in each of the cases?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @ingelity, Dwolla requires that all Access API partners who will be creating Unverified Customers or Verified Customers meet a few different requirements with regards to the Terms of Service and privacy policy. As an Access API partner an integration guide will be provided to you which outlines these requirements.

  1. The required Terms of Service disclosure - A snippet of language which needs to be inserted into your Terms of Service.

  2. Capturing the acceptance of the Dwolla TOS and privacy policy - This includes a checkbox and a snippet of text that hyperlinks out to the Dwolla TOS and privacy policy. Note: This should be displayed to the user at the point of when they are opening their Customer account.

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