Transaction getting cancelled automatically

Hi @team, A few of the transactions are getting canceled and there is no cancellation reason for those. We have also not cancelled the transaction from our end manually. What can be the reason for cancellation and how can we figure this out?

Hi @ankit182 – would you be able to share a few example transfer IDs so that we can take a look?

Hi Shreya, Thanks for the response. PFB some of the trxn ids:


Hi @ankit182 – thanks for the IDs! I was able to find the transfers, and the destination funding-sources related to each.

It looks like all of these destination funding-sources were removed right after the creation of the transfer, which is why just the destination portions of the transfers are in a cancelled state. The funds are now accumulated in the TClub Dwolla Account’s Balance. In order to push these funds out to these Receive-only Customers, they’d have to add their funding-sources again.

We generally recommend removing funding-sources only after all transfers to/from that funding-source have finished processing.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @shreya thanks for clarifying. Can you also help with how you were able to deduce this… I mean which API I can refer to if I want to get this on my side.

Sure thing!

I looked up the transfers on our end, and tracked down the funding-sources used in the transfer. This can be done by retrieving the transfer resource from the API. Then I retrieved the destination funding-source and found that it had been removed. While there there isn’t a field in the funding-source resource that notes when the it was removed, but we do send webhooks for customer_funding_source_removed which can be used to determine the time that it was removed at.

Hope that helps!

Got it. Thanks