Transaction status

As I know here 4 status we have, pending, processed , success and cancelled

I can see only transaction pending , processed and cancelled. how success status will come and on which event It will come.

need to set up webhook status accordingly
plz help me in this

Hi @Preeti_gupta – The four statuses are pending, cancelled, processed and failed. processed is what notifies success.

You can check out this resource to select your funds flow and simulate what webhooks would be returned for that type of transfer - Transfer Lifecycle | Dwolla API Documentation


In this all events given but what about Processed status, if complete event will call in production then it will be success and processed . i m using now sandbox. showing processed

Hi @Preeti_gupta – the "*_transfer_completed" events are what notify that a transfere has processed.

Let me know if that didn’t answer you question!