Transaction Summary Reports Missing Transactions

(William Green) #1

Hi Dwolla Support,

We recently encountered an inconsistency in the “Statements & Reports” -> “Transaction Summary” feature that is available to our Full API Account.

We issued two incoming credit transactions on 11/30/17 with an API user of ours. When you look at the running tab of Dwolla payments you can see the transaction and if you look at the monthly statements you can see the transaction registered in the month of November.

However, if you run a “Transaction Summary” from 11/1/17 to 11/30/17 the transactions are not returned in the CSV download. If you think the transactions may have fallen off to the next month and you run a “Transaction Summary” report for 12/1/17 to 12/31/17 the transactions are missing from that report as well. The transactions have completely gone missing we run month to month CSV queries using this tool.

This is very alarming, as we use these reports to do our accounting do to Dwolla money movements and transactions completely fall off of these reports.

What are your plans to fix this bug?


(William Green) #2

Any thoughts here @spencer? We are hoping to define our reconciliation processes more concretely and need to know if this will change going forward.

(William Green) #3

Dwolla guys, do you have any response here?

The error in the reconciliation reporting has made an impact on my operations team and their comfort using Dwolla as a payment system of record.

Please help me to make a case for continued use of Dwolla by suggesting how we can avoid this problem in the future.


(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hey @William_Green, sorry for the delay in follow up on your issue. Do you have transaction ids that we can use to reference those credits that occurred on 11/30? We’ll do some digging on our end to see if we can find anything. Also, is this the first occurrence of this issue when pulling transaction reports from Thanks!

(William Green) #5

Thanks @spencer.

To reproduce the problem you can compare the transaction summary CSV reports from 11/27 to 12/3, with the sum of the transaction summary reports from 11/27-11/30 and 12/1-12/3.

You will see that the transactions that have a “Date in Hawaiian Standard Time” of 11/30 fall off the composite report. The transaction IDs for these transactions can be found below.


Missing IDs that span 2 days (likely due to “Hawaiian” time bookkeeping)

(Spencer Hunter) #6

Thanks for the additional information @William_Green, The current behavior of the transaction search date range selector is not very intuitive. If you’re wanting to grab all transactions for November can you try selecting 11/1-12/1 as the begin and end dates to see if those show up in the report? As an aside, I believe the timestamp will go off of UTC and not your local timezone.

(William Green) #7

Thanks for the additional information @spencer.

To make it clear, when we search by date ranges the result set is inclusive of the start date and exclusive of the end date?

I can make the adjustments on our side, but I would put in a suggestion to the team responsible for these reports to make the timezone of the output either be UTC or local time. Hawaiian does not make sense.

(Spencer Hunter) #8

Thanks for the feedback @William_Green, I agree and will be sure to pass this along to our product team. You are correct in that the result set is inclusive of the start date and exclusive of the end date.